A celebration of the virtues and accomplishments of ascetics

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Published on : 24 Jul, 23 01:07

A celebration of the virtues and accomplishments of ascetics

In the presence of Sadhvi Priti Sudha, a celebration of the virtues and accomplishments of ascetics took place in Shastri Nagar, Bhilwara, on 4th July. Tapasya (austerities) is the adornment of a life dedicated to spiritual practices. On Tuesday, within the premises of Ahimsa Bhavan, Sadhvi Priti Sudha praised the tapasvis (ascetics) for their dedicated efforts in pursuing spiritual enlightenment. She emphasized that tapasya is not merely about fasting but a wondrous workshop for refining one's character and purifying the elements of self. It involves removing the impurities from the soul and mastering the human senses. As a result of tapasya, red particles accumulate within the body, transforming the individual into a radiant being.

True tapasya can be achieved when one exercise control over their mind while practicing austerities. During this occasion, several revered tapasvis, including Mahasati Umarav Kanwar, Sadhvi Madhu Sudha, and Sadhvi Sanyam Sudha, shared the significance of tapasya. Lakshman Singh Babel and Ashok Pokhrana, the presidents of Ahimsa Bhavan, elaborated on the importance of tapasya and lauded the dedication of Divya Bahen Veragan, who underwent the auspicious ceremony of applying chandan (sandalwood paste) and kumkum (vermilion) on her forehead, along with adorning her with garlands and shawls.

During the event, the devotees expressed their appreciation for the tapasvis through melodious songs such as "Shasan Re Sthanak" and "Jhoola Darya." The audience found joy and inspiration in these songs, which extolled the virtues and knowledge of the tapasvis, pledging to remain in their company at all times.

The occasion witnessed the presence and praise from dignitaries such as Neeta Babel, Minister Rajni Singhvi, Treasurer Sunita Jhamad, Coordinator Manju Pokhrana, Manju Bafna, Advisors Uma Aanchaliya, Co-Minister Vandana Lodha, Deputy President Anjana Sisodia, Education Minister Saroj Mehta, Rashmi Lodha, Snehalata Bafna, Annu Bafna, Asha Ranka, Preeti Pokhrana, Kavita Nahar, Meena Kothari, Preeti Chordia, Neelu Khatod, among others, who collectively extended their heartfelt felicitations and congratulations to all the tapasvis.

The event was a joyous celebration, cherishing the spirit of tapasya and recognizing the relentless efforts of ascetics in their pursuit of spiritual growth and self-realization.

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