National Education Policy and Higher Education Summit Organized by ErdoCom Media Group

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Published on : 13 Aug, 23 14:08

National Education Policy and Higher Education Summit Organized by ErdoCom Media Group

Bikaner Technical University's Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ambareesh Sharan Vidyarthi, shared his insights during the National Education Policy (NEP) Higher Education Summit 2023, hosted by ErdoCom Media Group in New Delhi. The summit focused on the development of 21st-century skills, digital literacy, and creating skilled workforce through NEP contributions. Prof. Vidyarthi participated in a panel discussion as an expert and discussed the significance of NEP in addressing crucial issues related to education.

The event, attended by various university vice-chancellors and renowned educators, aimed to highlight NEP's role in shaping India's education landscape. Prof. Vidyarthi emphasized the need to shift the education system's focus from theoretical understanding to practical skills. He advocated for industry collaborations to create new employment opportunities and align education with changing societal needs.

Prof. Vidyarthi highlighted that NEP 2020 holds a transformative perspective towards reshaping education in India. He underscored the importance of adopting the ongoing progressive changes in the education system and integrating them authentically. He stressed the significance of nurturing 21st-century skills among students to prepare them for a rapidly changing world.

The Vice-Chancellor emphasized reconnecting students with their cultural heritage and leveraging India's ancient wisdom in education. He highlighted that Indian civilization and education system have attracted foreign students for centuries. Prof. Vidyarthi showcased various fields such as science, mathematics, astrology, chemistry, medicine, and astronomy, which have contributed significantly to India's educational legacy.

He stressed the need to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and analytical skills in students to enable them to analyze and comprehend diverse perspectives. He encouraged nurturing creativity and innovative thinking among students, asserting that a creative mindset enhances their overall performance.

In the context of higher education, he advocated for collaborative efforts among universities to promote research, innovation, and academic excellence. Prof. Vidyarthi emphasized the adoption of innovative approaches in the curriculum, along with introducing new employment-focused programs in technical education.

ErdoCom Media Group's promoter, Chandan Anand, honored Prof. Vidyarthi and appreciated his valuable insights. The summit provided a platform to discuss the transformative potential of NEP in shaping a skilled and competent workforce, aligned with the demands of the evolving world.

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