India-Australia Educational Partnership Expands

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Published on : 18 Sep, 23 16:09

IWestern Sydney University and MPUAT Udaipur Extend Partnership, Paving the Way for Indian Students' Academic and Research Opportunities in Australia"

India-Australia Educational Partnership Expands

daipur, Western Sydney University, Australia, and Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) today in Delhi.

The Vice-Chancellor of Western Sydney University, Professor Varne Glover, and the Vice-Chancellor of MPUAT, Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka, put their signatures on the MoU. This agreement extends the existing partnership for another 5 years. Dr. Karnataka expressed that this is a significant moment for all of us and should be cherished. He emphasized that this MoU will open new dimensions for research and higher studies between MPUAT and Western Sydney University.

Through this agreement, Indian students will have the opportunity to study and research in one of Australia's finest educational institutions. This year, two students from the Department of Soil and Water Engineering at MPUAT have been selected for a dual-degree program leading to a Ph.D., and the entire cost will be covered by Western Sydney University.

Just last month, 14 MPUAT students completed their training at Western Sydney University under the Indian Agricultural Higher Education Project. Dr. P.K. Singh, the Dean of MPUAT, revealed that as part of this MoU, Ph.D. students will receive an annual scholarship of 30,000 Australian dollars for their stay in Australia. Additionally, a minimum amount will be provided for high-cost projects at 6,000 Australian dollars and low-cost projects.

This collaboration between Western Sydney University and MPUAT promises to foster academic excellence and research opportunities for Indian students in Australia, strengthening educational ties between the two countries.

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