Potentially life-threatening diseases related to sleep on one's birthday

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Published on : 06 Nov, 23 07:11

- Proper sleep is crucial for health

Potentially life-threatening diseases related to sleep on one's birthday

 Kota. In collaboration with the Sleep Education and Research Society (SEARS), Jayaswal Multispecialty Hospital and Neuro Institute and the Pulmoeva Foundation Society in Kota, Rajasthan, organized a comprehensive discussion on sleep-related problems and their solutions on Sunday, attended by physicians from across the state. Dr. Sanjay Jayaswal, Senior Neurologist and Chairperson of the organizing committee, stated that more than 200 doctors participated in the seminar held in Kunhadi, Mainali Residence. Many senior doctors from the state shared their insights and new research on various topics, including the treatment of this ailment, at the seminar.

- Sleep disorders should be covered by insurance.
According to Dr. Gaurav Chhabda, HoD of the Pulmonary Department at Geetanjali Medical College, Udaipur, insurance companies do not cover this condition, even though it is involved in several causes of death. He also mentioned that during the pandemic, it has been found that individuals who have had COVID should not do hard work for up to 2 years. However, it is also evident that those with certain lifestyles should not undergo a change. Dr. Shivani Swami, HoD of the Pulmonary Department at Narayana Hospital, stated that sudden deaths are occurring due to sleep-related diseases, and this issue is becoming increasingly severe. People of all ages, from youth to the elderly, are affected by sleep-related problems. People who study late at night do not get enough sleep, leading to depression, forgetfulness, irritability, and other issues.

- Obesity and junk food are growing problems in India.
Dr. Rajneesh Sharma stated that poor eating habits are also contributing to the rising sleep-related problems. Junk food is extensively consumed in India, leading to an increase in obesity and the birth of many diseases due to obesity. This issue is most prevalent among individuals aged 30 to 50. Approximately 104 million people in India are affected by this problem, and it is affecting the heart and brain. Lack of sleep is also contributing to the rise in diabetes.

- Those with snoring or breathing problems while sleeping should use a special machine.
Doctors say that the amount of oxygen in the body is not properly delivered while sleeping. This is due to which several issues are arising. Snoring is a problem in this regard as well. Proper treatment of all sleep-related diseases is possible. Attaching a machine while sleeping at night opens the veins, which are usually constricted. As a result, oxygen reaches the body properly with the pressure of the air, and there is no danger. Doctors say that everyone must be aware of this disease in some way. It is important to work according to the natural clock. It has also been revealed that this disease is not limited to a particular class or section. It is affecting everyone, whether they are poor, laborers, youth, or elderly. It is now proving to be deadly.

In this program, senior professor, HoD, former principal of the Medical College, Kota, Dr. Vijay Sardana, additional principal and senior professor, and HOD psychiatrist of the Medical College, Kota, Dr. Vinod Daria, Dr. Jujeer Ali, Advisor Psychiatrist, former President of the Indian Psychiatric Society, Dr. Shivraj Sharma, Senior Pulmonologist, Jaipur, and Dr. Vineet Jain, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mahavir ENT Hospital, Kota delivered their lectures.

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