Political Shift: Leaders Join Congress

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Published on : 15 Nov, 23 05:11

Political Shift: Leaders Join Congress

In a significant political development in Udaipur, several leaders and activists, including former BJP councilor Sanjay Bhagatani and Janata Sena councilor Shoaib Hussain, abandoned their respective parties and joined the Congress on Tuesday. The move was marked by a formal event where Udaipur city Congress candidate Prof. Gaurav Vallabh welcomed the new members into the party fold.

Among those who switched allegiance were Sanjay Bhagatani from Ward 44 and Shoaib Hussain, the councilor elected from Ward 45, along with leaders from various student and employee organizations. The city Congress president Fatahsingh Rathore and the state Congress spokesperson Pankaj Kumar Sharma extended a warm welcome to Prof. Gaurav Vallabh, who is contesting from the Udaipur city constituency.

Prof. Gaurav Vallabh, addressing the media on Tuesday evening, explained that he and others were influenced by the policies of the Congress, leading them to join the party. The event was attended by councilors, student leaders, and other prominent figures from different sectors.

The Congress candidate claimed that 3-4 councilors from the BJP are expected to join the Congress soon. He criticized the BJP for allegedly dividing people based on religion, caste, and now even clan (gautra), making it difficult for the public to identify candidates in their election posters.

Prof. Gaurav Vallabh also announced plans to release the "Udaipur Jan Ghoshna Patra" (Udaipur People's Declaration) in the coming days, outlining his vision and plans for the city.

In response to the spreading of misleading information against him on social media, Prof. Gaurav Vallabh stated that legal action would be taken under the Information Technology Act against those responsible for circulating false information.

Meanwhile, a separate event saw the inauguration of the election office of Tara Chand Jain, the BJP candidate, by Prof. Gaurav Vallabh.

The political dynamics in Udaipur seem to be heating up as the election approaches, with leaders switching sides and campaigns intensifying. The city is witnessing active participation from family members as well, with Priyanka Vallabh, the wife of Prof. Gaurav Vallabh, engaging in door-to-door campaigning along with other Congress women activists.

Prof. Gaurav Vallabh criticized the alleged misuse of constitutional positions by the Governor of Assam, Gulab Chand Kataria, in support of the BJP. He emphasized the need for Election Commission intervention to ensure fair elections and uphold the constitutional principles.

In the midst of these political developments, it remains to be seen how the voters in Udaipur respond to the changing political landscape as the election date draws near.

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